Vstarcam CB75P 4G Car Dashcam Night Vision Low Power Parking Security Camera

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vstarcam CB75P প্রধান বৈশিষ্ট্য:

✮ 4G ফোরজি সিম সাপোর্ট
✮ 4G রিয়েল টাইম লাইভ ভিডিও
✮ Two-Way অডিও শোনা যাবে
✮ রিয়েল-টাইম মনিটরিং
✮ হিউম্যান ডিটেকশন সিগনাল
✮ ক্রিস্টাল ক্লিয়ার নাইট ভিশন
✮ 256GB মেমোরি কার্ড সাপোর্ট
✮ Quick start, start recording within 400ms
✮ Intelligent detection of human
✮ intelligent alarm push
✮ Low power system optimization
✮ 3 Day Free Cloud storage
✮ Small and compact appearance

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vstarcam CB75P

✮4G full Netcom
✮Remote active wake-up, two-way voice intercom
✮Quick start, start recording within 400ms
✮Intelligent detection of human movement, intelligent alarm push
✮Low power system optimization
✮Supports Bangladesh, China and European versions
✮Free Cloud storage
✮Small and compact appearance(IR-CUT integrated module, supports 4G)
Sorts Type Parameters
System Operating system Linux
Online visitor Supports 4 visitors viewing at the same time.
Collection CPU T31
Image sensor GC2083, 1/3 CMOS(Pixel selectable, PCB compatible)
Minimum illumination 0.3~0.5Lux(Color mode),0Lux(B&W mode)
Lens 4G lens, IR-CUT integrated, standard lens diameter 10mm
Viewing angle D135° Diagonal
Video Night Vision Black and white night vision, photosensitive automatically switch after it detects the light change, eight 940nm non luminescent patch infrared lamps with an illumination distance of 3-5 meters.
Compression standard H.264 /MJPEF/JPEG
Data rate Main stream:1080P/15fps, substream:360P/15fps
Bit rate CBR/VBR two rate control modes, with an output rate range of 128 to 4096kbps.
Image adjustment Vertical, horizontal adjustable, OSD display.
Audio Input Built-in-38dB microphone
Output Built-in 8Ω1W speaker
Sampling frequency/bit width 8KHz/16bit
Compression standard/bit rate G711A
AI Humanoid detection Humanoid detection, filtering invalid alarm events.
Intelligent notification sound Set different notification sounds for different devices, so that you can accurately determine which device is triggered.
Intelligent alarm sound Set different alarm sounds based on different scenarios.
Network Networking Use APP to scan the QR code on device to add/Use the device to scan QR code on APP to add
Cat1 China FDD:B1/B3/B5/B8 TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
Cat1 Overseas European version
Key Key 1 ON/OFF
Key 2 Mode switch(4G mode and DV mode)
Reset key Long press to restore factory setting
Storage Local storage Support TF card (up to 256GB)
Cloud storage Free cloud storage
Alarm Alarm detection Support mobile detection and PIR human detection
Physical Indicators Rated voltage DC5V±5%
Consumption Sleep standby current 5mA, working current: 400-600mA
Operating condition Temperature: -10~50℃; humidity: <90%
Weight Gross weight: TBD(Note: in kind prevail)
Size 56×43×44mm(L*W*H)
Packing list Camera * 1, bracket * 1, electrostatic sticker * 1, ,manual * 1, SIM card * 1, production introduction card * 1, car step-down line * 1, installation tool * 1, cigarette lighter power supply * 1 (optional), 3-meter USB charging cable * 1 (optional)

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Vstarcam CB75P 4G Car Dashcam

Vstarcam CB75P 4G Car Dashcam Night Vision Low Power Parking Security Camera

৳ 6,200.00৳ 7,600.00 (-18%)

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