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  • Walk through metal detector
  • 18 detection zones
  • 256 sensitivity levels
  • 5.7’’ LCD display
  • Counter for alarm and people
  • Synchronous soun & LED alarm
  • 6 detection zone
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Walk through metal detectors or Archway Gate fall into one of two general categories. The first style of ZKTeco walk through metal detectors provides single zone detection. The second style provides multi zone detection. To understand the difference, I will provide a quick example. Let’s say that an individual walks through the opening of the metal detector with a concealed weapon located at their ankles. Both the single and multi zone detectors will locate the target. The difference between the two is that the multi zone detector will be able to identify the location of the target, on either the left or right side of the individual. More advanced multi zone detectors like the ZKTeco ZK-D3180S will pinpoint the specific location from head to toe and on the left or right side. Pinpointing the location of the target quickly is important so that your security personnel can respond swiftly. Larger crowds require greater throughput. If you are scanning a large volume of individuals, a multi zone metal detector will let you process more individuals quicker. Zkteco Archway Gate, Walk Through Metal Detector at the best & Lowest price in Bangladesh.

Main Features of ZKteco D1065S

• Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones;
• Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 100 sensitivity level
• Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator,easily show where the metal is.
• Automatically count passengers and alarm times
• Alarm strength indicator on the control panel
• Password protection, only the authorized person can operate.
• Easy assembly: designed with only 2 pieces cables and 8 screws, simple-to-follow instruction.
• Harmless to human body: is harmless with heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.
• Using high density fireproof material
• Program Self-diagnostic when power on,no need initial or periodic calibration
• Modularization design,easy for maintenance and replacement.

What are the typical locations and uses for a Walk through Metal detector in Bangladesh?

At one time, security metal detectors were primarily seen just in airports and correctional facilities. Today we see walk through detectors in a variety of locations including Bangladesh police stations, night clubs, schools, public and private buildings and for corporate workplace security. They are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses for loss prevention, nuclear facilities, transportation terminals, courthouses, historical landmarks, sporting events, arenas and at concerts.We set up Archway Gate at BAY EMPORIUM LTD a few days ago. Bay Emporium Ltd. stands in the third position with 75 shops in different areas in Bangladesh.

Their Was Requirement:

• ZK-D4330 supports multiple detection zone modes, including the modes of a single detection zone, 6 detection zones, 11 detection zones, and 33 detection zones.

• It can detect multiple weapons, contraband and/or suspicious metallic objects at the same time from the top of the metal detector to the bottom of the shoes of each traveler walking through and quickly pinpoint the accurate location of the target from head to toe and on the left or right side of the individual.

• Depending on the size and shape of the suspicious item, different alarm intensities will be displayed on the control panel. Users may adjust the sensitivity levels as needed.

• Besides, it is not unusual for travelers to have watches and some small decorative items on. Endless amounts of rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches will be picked up with a metal detector. ZK-D4330 is able to filter out items such as jewelry, accessories, buttons, medallions, coins, watches, and belts to reduce the time for travelers to take off and putting back on the items.

Choosing the best configuration.

Will your detector be set up at one location or do you plan to move the detector from location to location? If you will be moving the detector often, you will want a lightweight portable walk through a metal detector or one that can be moved easily.

Setup and operation:

Modern security walk thru detectors is easy to set up and operate. Each unit will come with a detailed manual and instructional setup video. Digital electronics are easily adjusted through a touchpad and LCD display. The walk through metal detectors come with factory preset programs. You can adjust the detectors for your specific location or the type of object that you are looking to locate. Based on the level of sensitivity that you choose, the detector can be adjusted to locate various targets.


ZKTeco D 1065SZKTeco D 1065S

Additional information

Power Supply

AC85 V-264 V

Working temperature


Working Frequency


Standard External size


Standard Internal size


Package size for door panels

2260*650*260mm *1ctn

Package size for control unit

780*390*250 mm*1ctn

Gross weight


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ZKTeco D 1065S


৳ 49,500.00

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